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[sercives_product icon=”flaticon-headphones” title=”Discovery” subtitle=”Easily find points of interest (POI) and have animated directions

“][sercives_product icon=”flaticon-quality” title=”Exploration” subtitle=”Effortlessly discover the surroundings and find out new areas”][sercives_product icon=”flaticon-refresh” title=”Awareness” subtitle=”Stay up-to-date with events and marketing promotions”]

[features2 title=”Interactive 3D Wayfinding Solution” subtitle=”MAKE AN IMPRESSION WITH 3D DIGITAL WAYFINDING SYSTEMS
Pan, zoom, and rotate the 3D map to get aware of the place. Once the map moves together with accessibility style, gives a seamless map UI for every customers.
Our markets leading 2D/3D maps make it super easy for users to find what they are trying to find speedily.” button_text=”Explore Now” link=”javascript:void(0)” image1=”758″][features2 type=”type2″ title=”Graphical Path Visualization from Point A to Point B” subtitle=”Once the destination is picked, the shortest route should be determined and an animated path will be shown on to the ground map, imagining the directional way to destination against the current location.” button_text=”Explore Now” link=”javascript:void(0)” image1=”760″][features2 title=”Cross-platform: Touch Kiosk, Web, Mobile” subtitle=”The Mapist Wayfinder has been optimized for cross-platform Touch kiosk, web and mobile users. The layout is totally responsive and once set up, will continue improving as latest features are released.” button_text=”Explore Now” link=”javascript:void(0)” image1=”762″][features2 type=”type2″ title=”Digital Signage. Extra Revenue Flow for Your Property” subtitle=”Besides serving as the wayfinding kiosk, The Mapist can also help property owners to make extra revenue by renting out the advertising space for the tenants to promote their stores with marketing content.” button_text=”Contact Us” link=”javascript:void(0)” image1=”764″][features2 title=”Access and Facilities Finder” subtitle=”Quick help buttons can be found in the wayfinding software to support users in finding the access or facilities including elevators, concierge counters, ATMs, Toilets, restrooms, etc. Just touch on the reference button and chosen facilities will be shown on the floor map.” button_text=”Contact Us” link=”javascript:void(0)” image1=”765″]

More Features

  • 3D, Semi-3D or 2D Mapping
  • Pinch, Zoom and rotate Functions
  • Interactive Directions / Wayfinding
  • Property Announcements
  • “You Are Here” Indicator
  • Graphical Route Animation
  • Customers Feedback Option
  • Multi-Level Advertising- Full Screen Ads, Banner Ads, Interactive  Ads (Video, Image)
  • Custom User Interface

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