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TheMapist is a privately held software development firm based inside of Alicante, Spain and in Karachi,Pakistan. We provide interactive wayfinding software for corporate, education, healthcare and government facilities.

TheMapist wayfinding software & solutions to ease the stress of your visitors, helping them navigate throughout your property seamlessly. Our wayfinding solutions can also be used to keep your visitors informed with the latest news, promote local businesses & amenities.” text2=”We’re here to help you succeed. Our digital signage solutions are designed to be simple to use, easy to manage, and effortless to integrate with your other systems and databases.

Through touchscreen kiosks or screens, users can receive tailored directions from their current location.
Rather than being told ‘you are here’, digital wayfinding maps out special routes.

[our_mission title=”Solutions” subtitle=”TheMapist digital wayfinding software Ideal for airports, shopping malls, hospitals, big box stores, conference and exhibition centers, museums, office complexes, universities, hotel complexes, cruise ships, transport hubs and much more.

For users, ease of use is needed. Kiosks and interactive signage should be intuitive and easy. Visibly mark all features and options, and make sure graphics, icons, and fonts are easy to understand. Wayfinding resources that are welcoming and accessible help employees and customers to use them.

[our_vission title=”Benefits-driven software features” subtitle=”Advertising can be engaging with wayfinding software
Wayfinding signage leads to a solution that helps users in their navigation through a physical environment.

People are always willing to find their destination but often when they guided by the helpdesk, they hardly reach their destination without asking in the middle on the way.

TheMapist wayfinding features:

-Completely 3-Dimensional map
-The multi-floor 3D wayfinding solution
-On the way landmarks to reach your destination
-Add advertisements – Fullscreen ads, banner ads, pop-up ads
-Complete details of your destination on your mobile (QR Code)
-Eye-catching design
-Built with top-level developing software and AI algorithms
-Built-in CRM to search your destination from the directory database
-Include 3D map rotation, pan and pinch zoom in / out
-“You are here” indicated the real-time location of a customer (On different locations)
-Graphical route directs visitors visually from the kiosk to destination
-Different themes of 3D maps” button_text=”Read More ” link=”” image1=”776″]

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